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Scandinavian Hounds and Siberian Huskies


                            Trailbreaker Kennel 

       UK's Only Distributor of Dr Tim's Premium Dog Food

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            We Are Also Diststributors of Quest Premium Dog Food

            Produced By Fred & Amanda Palmer



    We only stock the food's we use for our own dogs

                                            We Also Stock Hydrolyte 

Hydrolyte for dogs, is a unique electrolyte, antioxidant and energy replacement formula

the result of 10 years Veterinary research and observation made on hard working dogs.

Hydrolyte is balanced to replace fluids and electrolytes lost during stress. Hydrolyte

supplies extra antioxidants to combat the free-radical effects of increasing oxygen

consumption that occur during all stress, especially prolonged excercise. When

you give your dog Hydrolyte you are giving him the most complete electrolyte

and energy replacement drink available.

Developed and formulated by Arleigh J.Reynolds DVM, PhD, DACVN

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